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Review process

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Review Process
Scientific papers accepted for publication in scholarly journals are subject to peer review. For must journals this is an electronic process. Manuscripts are usually 4 reviewed by a minimum of 2 reviewers selected from reviewer database according to specific expertise and the editorial board. The reviewers are encouraged to complete the review within 15 days. The reviewers assess the papers suitability for publication against defined criteria. The reviewers are looking for a paper written with clarity in good English. It should be original and the conclusions supported by robust statistics and ethically sound data. The paper should present a coherent story. It is important that the paper fits the aims and scope of journal. The journal’s editor- in- chief will make the final decision regarding publication, based upon the reviewers comments. Some consideration may be made to the article’s potential contribution to the impact factor and whether the paper is likely to be cited and downloaded. If the paper is not accepted for publication, a revision may be requested. It is important that authors review and respond to the recommendations made by the reviewers and the journal’s editor before resubmitting the article. 

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